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take better care


of you

(& the environment)

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We're Arlington's first waterless nail studio. We offer clean, non-toxic nail treatments created to take better care of you, the environment, & other people. Our water-free approach to services along with a conviction to strive towards sustainability makes keen anything but your normal nail salon.

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From toxin-free
nail experiences to
give-back initiatives,
we embody a world where
care of self and others
is the norm,

where self-care is
keen on keeping the
bigger picture in mind.
Keep it real.
Keep it sustainable.
Keep it keen.

I. our philosophy

II. the bigger picture

III. experience keen

Collectively, we’re
waking up to the
heartening reality that
self-care isn’t selfish—

that it’s actually the
most sustainable way
to create a better
future over time.

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on an average day at keen, we save


(toxic exposures)



Our waterless pedicures save up to 15 gallons of water per treatment.

From non-toxic polishes to homemade scrubs, we keep it clean.

We avoid waste wherever possible. Don't forget to bring your flip flops!

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